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Provide Very Easy & Fast Solution

One-1 System to Manage Business in Easy Way and get done Faster!

From purchase, stock inventory, selling, POS, finance, accounting.

Complete with file management, audit trail, advanced security, email integration & productivity tool.

From anywhere, any devices at anytime you want!

Easy & Fast Solution for Online Sellers

Manage your online orders from Marketplace (Tokopedia, Shopee,Bukalapak, etc) within single VEF system

Simple export and import. Done in minutes!

No more manual checking for payment. Just copy and paste, hundreds of settlement is done in few clicks!

Why VEF - very easy & fast solution ?

It’s a cloud system. All is done within your device browser without any hassles on your end!

No installation, running on any platform. All you need is just a web browser!

We do know sometimes your business needs unique requirement, all is customizable!



Search Anything

In-depth search for all fields or columns
Customize filter in every document
Various filters: text, number, date, comparison
Tagging in every document



Sharing document with others
Attach file/picture into each document
Note, Task, ToDo, Calendar
Live notification for pending documents (i.e. unpaid invoices, not billed delivery, etc)
Email integration i.e. sync your corporate email or Gmail, send invoice to customer right from within application, etc


Reporting Engine

Filter any columns
Report builder
Export to pdf/excel
Send report via email right from within application

Responsive Design

Automatically fit your device screen-size
Any devices and platform – Windows, Linux, iOS, Android
Doing transaction or view report can be done across devices in real time

Optimize Sales In Efficient Way

Customer Management

Multiple customer contact and address
Define customer group, territory, price list
Credit limit management

Sales Transaction

Flexible flow : Sales Order – Delivery – Invoice or reverse flow or make invoice directly
POS ready for retail
Make quotation, sales order from customer’s PO
Make delivery note (surat jalan) partially or full againts sales order or invoice

Reporting Engine

Track pending sales order (to deliver, to bill)
Track not billed delivery, then convert it to invoice instantly
Sales analytics by customer, group, territory, item, brand, invoice etc

Automate Purchase Cycle

Supplier Management

Multiple supplier contact and address
Supplier analytics

Compare Quotation Among Suppliers

Get quotations from various suppliers, compare prices and generate PO


Make & track PO
Track item receival status (to bill, to receive, to bill, completed)
Partial or full items receival
Purchase analytics by supplier, item, cate

Manage Stock Easily

Item & Warehouse

Custom SKU / item code, barcode, custom UOM (pcs, set, etc), group, brand, description
Define warehouse structure tree
Multiple price list

Stock Transaction

Item transfer from one warehouse to another
Stock conversion to different item / UOM
Stock adjustment (both qty or value)
Make delivery note / purchase receipt against sales / purchase
Support back-dated transaction and tracking


Detailed stock ledger by date, invoice, customer, supplier, etc 
Track item by serial no / batch no
Stock analytics

Automatic & Flexible Accounting
See financial data in real time


Basic Setup

Create your own Chart of Accounts (COA) or use predefined template
Automatic journal from every sales,purchase,stock transaction
Multicurrency ready, automatic exchange rate or define your own


No more manual entry, generate invoice from order/delivery
Track invoice status (paid, unpaid, partially paid) by customer, supplier, invoice


Tracking & Reporting

General Ledger by period, account, customer, supplier, description
Accounts Receivables, Accounts Payable in detail & summary
Cash flow, trial balance, profit & loss statement, balance sheet, etc

Import Online Order

Easy & Fast. 2 simple steps!
Hundreds of order done in minutes

Automatically update stock, receivables, and book revenue in VEF system

Bulk Payment Settlement

Fast, save you a lot of time. 2 simple steps!
Settle hundreds of payment from marketplace in seconds. Just copy and paste!

Automatically update accounts, receivables, and invoice status in VEF system


Export Order from marketplace (shopee,tokopedia,bukalapak)

Generate template in one-click


Import excel files via Data Import in VEF system

VEF automatically generate invoices in seconds / minutes


Open payment mutation on your marketplace portal

Copy (Ctrl+C) payment records on those pages. Many records at once


Paste in payment module in VEF system

VEF automatically make settlement against order numbers

Automatically check difference if any

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